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Roaring Meg



Check out this excellent review of Roaring Meg, it's irresistible...

Roaring Meg

(OG 1052, ABV 5.5%)

A smooth golden beer with a sweet, citrus honey aroma and a long dry finish

The "Big Blonde" is so popular that it has its own fan club at Beer Festivals. This is now our most popular beer.

It was the runner up of the strong bitters at the Great British Beer Festival in 1995

The beer was named after a cannon which had been smelted at a vast furnace in the Forest of Dean, and used by the Parliamentarians to regain Goodrich Castle. It was also used by General Fairfax to capture Raglan Castle which was the last great castle in the South to hold out for the King. It fired huge, 200 lb cannon balls. The cannon was captured by the Roundheads and used to damage the castle at Goodrich.

Also available in bottles at Morrisons (nationally), and regionally at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury, The Co-op, Waitrose and in Majestic, Oddbins, local farm shops and many many places of high repute!



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