SPRINGHEAD is a family-owned and run microbrewery, who are proud to produce a wide range of top quality craft beers. Established in 1990, we create our award-winning beers from our state-of-the-art microbrewery in the heart of Robin Hood country.

Our experienced brew-team are proud to present a bold and exciting range of craft beers. We strive to utilise traditional as well as cutting-edge modern techniques to showcase the extensive variety of flavours that can be produced from the very finest quality ingredients, sourced from our local area and across the globe.

It will be ‘Love at first pint’ when you taste one of our year-round core range of beers, and seasonal special brews, which change on a monthly basis. Roaring Meg is the leader of the pack – an award-winning, classic IPA style craft beer. Bright golden and smooth-drinking, with a sweet, citrus honey aroma; try it once, and you’ll love it forever!

Mountains of shining casks to fill with delicious craft beer!
Our award-winning microbrewery - where the magic happens!
Gallons of craft beer, waiting to go out and be enjoyed in pubs across the country

Our history

Springhead began life in Sutton-on-Trent as the smallest brewery in England in 1990, gaining a place in the Guinness Book of Records. At this stage, the fledgling brewery had a brew length of just 2.5 brewers barrels (about 10 casks for a day’s work).

Successful recipes soon led to national prizes, and a huge increase in sales. This resulted in the need to move to a larger premises, where Springhead expanded to a 10 brewer’s barrel plant. Continued success saw the brewery later move again, this time to a converted old mill in the picturesque village of Laneham, near Tuxford, in North Nottinghamshire. The Robin Hood site, as it has become known, has now grown to a brew length of 50 brewer’s barrels, making it one of the largest microbreweries in Nottinghamshire.

Today, our craft beers are available in cask, as well as 500ml bottles, cans, and craft kegs.

The beers continue to be supplied direct by the brewery to pubs across the country. Our beers are also available through reputable wholesalers, pubcos, and supermarkets throughout the UK, as well as exported to selected countries around the world.

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