Blind Tiger  7 Maid Marian Fallen Angel Sweetlips colour indicator   BLIND TIGER 1
4.5% abv. Colour: Pale Gold

Tasting notes: A refreshing, aromatic pale golden beer, with whole oranges added to the brew to give a delicious citrussy flavour, followed by a satisfying dry finish.

Background: A ‘Blind Tiger’ was a name for an illegal drinking den in the 1920s, which evaded prohibition laws by disguising itself as an exhibition hall for ‘natural curiosities’, and charged their patrons a fee to see a variety of exotic creatures such as a blind tiger (reportedly a pig painted with stripes), which, surely by coincidence, included free alcohol with admission.

Food matching: Blind Tiger’s fresh crisp flavour is the perfect match for light-tasting foods such as traditional fish and chips, or combine its orange flavour with fruity desserts such as an indulgent cheesecake or a sorbet.