Roaring Meg  10 Roaring Meg colour indicator  SPRINGHEAD ROARING MEG

5.5% abv. Colour: Golden

Tasting notes: Roaring Meg is our flagship brew – a surprisingly smooth, classic IPA style beer. The sweet citrus and honey aroma give way to a dry aftertaste that beer lovers can't help falling for.

Background: Meg was named after a cannon used in our local area during the civil war. It was smelted at a vast furnace in the Forest of Dean and fired huge, 200lb cannon balls. Runner up of the Strong Bitters at the Great British Beer Festival.

Food matching: Roaring Meg is great with a range of foods - enjoy matching Meg with savoury snacks and the great taste of a traditional English pork pie, seafood, or even with a robustly flavoured Indian or Thai curry.

Prizes: 100 Hottest Beers in Britain Competition 2015 - 12th Place

 100 hottest placed

CAMRA East Midlands Region, Champion Beer of Britain Competition 2014 - silver award, Golden Ales category


Kevin Black, Real Ale of Britain

The Morning Advertiser's top 50 British Microbrews:

Named after a 17th century cannon, this big-drinking burnished blonde beer hits the spot and is very much the springboard behind Springhead's success. Given its strength, it's absurdly easy to drink and enormously aromatic.

Matthew Coupe on's-roaring-meg-5-5-nottinghamshire-united-kingdom/

"When you first see this Meg-jestic beer in the glass it comes across as a sweet and innocent little blonde; harmless and welcoming. However when you finally make your move, it kicks you directly in the hops. Weighing in at 5.5%, its light, moreish flavour disguises its roar potential. Named after a canon this beer certainly isn't just fodder for a big session and needs to be treated with a little care and a lot of respect. With such a lovely flavour, try not to get 'megged without it at least touching the sides or its Meg-nitude will mean your trip to the pub quickly descends into a roar-cus occasion. It is a lovely beer for a summer's day so be careful to drink it up quickly while you're under the sun or it will go roar-ten."

The Real Ale Guide review:

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Leigh from Lancs:

Hi just a note to say roaring meg is the most stunning beer I have ever drank, it's sublime! I now go to morrisons just to buy it, only problem is there's only ever 3 bottles left it's very popular and I just adore it so thanks and keep making it. I'm off to Anglesey next week family do so will take some with me to the cottage it's better than any of the bottled beers. Many many thanks, regards, Leigh

Chris Aucott - Interval Cafe Bar Manager, Sheffield Students Union:

We shifted about 150 pints of it from 5pm last night, so I'd say it went down pretty well! You won't be surprised to hear that Roaring Meg was a 'Roaring' success! Quite a few of the staff like the strong beers!