Barebones  15 Bare Bones colour indicator  
4.7% abv. Colour: Amber

Tasting notes: An amber coloured hoppy beer with a spicy aroma, and a bone-dry finish. Always a real favourite!

Background: Barebones is brewed with Maris Otter and Amber malts, a blend of hops including First Gold, and uses Nottingham Ale yeast. It is named after the Barebones Parliament which formed in 1653 as a stable political platform before Cromwell became 'Lord Protector'. The 140 nominees were selected by Cromwell, one of whom was fortunate to bear the name 'Praise-God Barebone'.

Food matching: The dry, hoppy taste of this beer and stronger ABV makes it stand up to the flavour-punch of spicy foods, or cuts through the rich taste of roast lamb or gamey meat perfectly.